Keep On Moving

Keep on moving consciously
Face the situation fearlessly
Always fear for doing wrong
You shall always find place among

You are doing no harm
Only keeping self warm
Struggling to settle in present journey
To take care of self and family

It is earnest desire
To move in orderly manner
Yet someone puts spanner very deep
You have no option than to weep

Yes, some of the measures are must for self defense
The life forest is dangerous and dense
We have to fight with wild animals
We can't move with soft dismissals

Life needs careful approach
With little bit honesty as such
Don't burn fingers for putting deceptive show
It shall mark your progress very slow

Prayer is the only tool
Where you can present yourself as fool
Bow down for any sin that you have committed
Promise good behavior next day and you shall be acquitted

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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Keep on moving consciously Face the situation fearlessly