AH (2/28/32 / Bronx, New York/ Now residing in Florida)

Keep On Smiling

With so many problems, that beset us,
it's not that often, we can smile. Even
if we have to force ourselves, we have
to do it, once in awhile! A smile, can
turn a rainy day, into a sky, of blue! It
can turn everything around and make
you cheerful, too! Nobody, likes to see
a face, that's full of gloom. For when you
see, that kind of face, it reminds you, of
impending doom! There's something
about a smile, that makes you feel warm
inside and chases, the blues away. It
makes you feel productive and you go on,
with a good feeling, for the rest of the day.
If we all smiled more often, the sun, would
always shine, for you, and when we get
right down to it, isn't that, what we'd like
it, to do? So put a smile on your face, as
often as you can, for no one, wants to look
at someone, who walks around, with a dead

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