(8-2-1945 / Gorakhpur)

Keep Smiling

Living in your heart
and peeping out through your eyes
not only dining with you
I am breathing with you.
Here I don't need anything
all you belong is mine.
What a lovely place to sleep!
Dreams, only dreams,
no pains,
mental or physical,
no hatred,
I am carefree.
I can smell what you cannot,
I can listen to what you may not,
but you see it and I do not.
Wasn't it a painful experience,
to come and live in this place?
I am reluctant to come here,
but your love is pushing me there.
You are in pain,
I am in pain,
but I cannot cry.
How helpless I am!
I can't stop my arrival.
I promise to cry as soon as I am there.
Not for me,
for the pains that you tolerated for me.
Here I am in your arms
and I can see you smiling.
Well, your smile is enough
I am convinced.
Dear Mother!
Here I came just for your smile
So, keep smiling.

by Akhtar Jawad

Comments (8)

A great poem on mother and child.
The baby's feeling and the mother's smile.....awesome and admirable poem
Here the love between a mother and child is glorified! That's the most sacred of all relations! A lovely write!
Memories and love live in heart. A child and mother both are associated with deep connection. There is crying and there is smiling. Emotion drops beauty of hope and we feel light of affection near true heart. Mother's smile gives joy and new light in child's heart. An excellent poem is beautifully penned.10
What a great poem is it...................................................!
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