(March 19,1955 / Fayette, Alabama)

Keep The Eyes Of My Heart Open

When my heart
Has been open
And my eyes start to see.
Deceit, disapppointment
And pain, my friend
That somehow
Seem directed to me.

I pray to God
To keep me near
And the negative things
To take from me.
To make me stronger
Thru those things
And teach me to let them be.

For when I close
Up my eyes
And see such ugly things
That is only my imagination.
I open them
up again
To see beauty
In realization.

But when I open
Up my eyes
And see such ugly things
That are realization.
I close my eyes
Up again
To see the ugly
That was only my imgination.

Is true my eyes
May not fulfill
Exactly what
My heart believes
But as I lean
And depend on God.
My eyes, my heart
Will not deceive.

For it was within
God's abundant heart
That He shown grace
And mercy for me.
And from within His heart
He shedded His blood
That the eyes
Of my heart may see.

by Cecelia Weir

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