Keep Up A Smile

Life might a poignant plane,
dressed with ditches to have your slain;
Never waste your wits to weep,
else you drench in life's direful deep.

Though sorrow sits on your soul today,
and your delights, given to dreadful delay;
Tease your face to keep up a smile,
for your weeping, rejoices for a while.

As long as breathes, your bulging blights,
know that hope will hop in with light.
For life is subject to diverse reigns,
as long as this world still remains.

Never cease to keep smiling,
when others murmur and keep whining.
For the end is an ecstatic gift,
for those who knows best, how not to drift.

Give your heart to the best around,
rather than the arrant agony that abound.
For pain, plight and penury are put in a pile,
they starve at seeing you put up a smile.

David O. Olusanya

by David Olusanya

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