Keep Walking Forth….

Keep walking forth,
through all there is
my crimson abyss
and the golden bliss
a barren canvas
brushing rushing tassel
and all there is....

What nature conjured
I inhale-exhale
new visions and scents tomorrow
new pleasures and love to borrow
it is canvas experiment
upon the favorite color exterior
the green meadows of yonder....

The beautiful emerald sea emerged
the dark green forest disappeared
keep walking till tomorrow is worth
you'll reach destiny and watch Jesus' birth….

The beautiful blue-green sea emerged
The dark-green forest disappeared
Brushing rushing upon my canvas
Tassel all the colors
Crimson red and bullying blue
upon my quiet canvas....

It's all tomorrow all there is….

I dream many times awake
at the mountaintop,

no sound nor echoes can be heard,
the eagle and I at the mountaintop....

am I really dreaming,
am I truly
at the mountaintop?

All of a sudden
I saw my dear grandmum coming,
she was so loveliest
as always, she is so caring for me
she knows every tear I shed
long before she is dead.

Behind her, my loved mum,
oh what a joy, my Mum came with her Mum
patiently they were coming to my direction
such a special celebration now
I am ready for them
so I started to soar back
to down earth

Oh my love,
this is really a dream,
my Mum and her Mum,
the most beautiful rose and the loveliest bee
I surely had my glee
even only in a dream….

From the Mountaintop
there are no Nature´s Echoes
especially no Mr. Howard Ely's visions
no invitation, but despite we´ll have
our celebrations....

© Sylvia Frances Chan
Copyright Protected

AD. Friday the 5th of January 2018
@15.57 hrs. P.M. West-European Time

by Sylvia Frances Chan

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