Keep Your Aim In Sight

He stood there with the force,
Of heavens strength around
Face of child, with true light,
Upon this rocky ground

Guided towards a cavern
So dark he could not see
Then a shaft of light pierced the clouds
This Saint was sent by thee

His white horse brayed and nodded,
With anticipation
Ready for the fight
This Chosen revelation

“Keep your aim in sight
Sever darkness from the light”

One last deep breath in
Banished now his fear
Right arm branding sword, held close,
Shed not a single tear

Shield in left hand flashing
As lightning led the way
Horses eyes of blue fire
A cross now on display

The Gallops sound like thunder
But the silence contained within
He’d come to rescue those captured
And the dragon waits for him

Shards of glass -like rain
He draws nearer to the cave
They fall but, there is no pain
Not touching Saint so brave.

He approaches then dismounts
He can smell its fiery breath
Then opens up a scroll
Release captives from their death! ! ! !

The Dragon came at him
But the Saint He did not move
And a host of heavenly angels
The circle can’t be moved

They opened up their hands
Added light to the firey sword
As it raced to the dragons heart
Captive’s life now restored

The dragon disappears
Flowers pave the way
And back into the shaft of light
This Saint now born new day

by duncan wyllie

Comments (31)

A ferociously good write Duncan! :) . MJG
A lot of vivid images and involvment of sensory perceptions. The contrasts are also very effective. Another fine piece of work.
A wonderful poem Duncan, it has a lovely flow and great subject matter. '10' Andrew
An astoundingly well crafted work, Duncan! You're attention to detail and your vivid imagery are beautiful and provocative. ~Ray
Miraculously written and very deep too. You have a really gone into what a Saint would do. WONDERFUL POEM! ! !
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