JA ( / )

Keep Your Eyes On The Road Yor Hands Behind The Wheel

awake choose the day the night is far spent with parties & addiction
does death heart you the most or is it in fear
Paris the place to launch your dreams
a fine port by table

pen with paper alive she cried
it's all a will for power and nothing in between
minature soldiers creating their own dirt war
is everybody in
is everybody in?
the ceremony is about to begin wake up!

now lets go for a ride deeper then ever before
to the pier surfing with beer flowing
tongues of fire poison asps in duration
this perhaps is the place where Nero tread
alone filled with heavy indian ghost highways bleeding
Pegasus comes for the trough;
the Summer surf on the ocean scene as we embark with the inner fragrance
ever lifting in heavy dialogue the impulse ensues
onto the climax filled with so much more

yet what?

by John Ackerman

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