Before We Met

Before we met I wasn't sure what to do
who to turn to
I was afraid
wanting to give up
Feeling like no one understood me and never would
Feeling hurt and scared
Like love was not meant for me
That I would never find someone out there who trully cared
Not opening up to many others
Feeling like I would never heal
Than one day I meet this amazing boy who was there for me from the start
understanding me, comforting me when i got scared and guiding me when i became lost
knowing that at times life is complicated
and since then you have said that no matter what life brings us we will get through it together
knowing we have to move on from our pasts and that you will be there for me as I will for you
We both have had rough pasts but we pull through
life can be unfair but we get through it by being strong
trying to forget the pain and sorrow
Taking life day by day
being thankful that I have you in my life
I don't have enough words to begin to explain to you what you mean to me and what you have done for me
never wanting to hide in the shadows again
wanting to be here for you till the end
when you cry, when your scared, when you need to be comforted, when you just need a friend, when you need a sister, or a girlfriend or just a shoulder to lean on
You will forever have a spot in my heart and I will forever love you and care for you
You have trully changed my life in so many ways that it is hard to explain
and many people say i have changed their lives and helped them but you have helped me more than anyone in this world
Day after day I think about you praying that you are ok
Hoping you are safe and having a good day
Wishing that I could be there with you holding your hand
Saying not to be afraid together we will make it through
Wanting to let you know I will be here no matter if you are having a good or bad day
Letting you know that thinking of you gets me through the day
I can't help but looking forward till the time when I talk to you
To be with you and to say I love you
Having thoughts of me and you
Wanting so bad to be there and hold you and tell you how much I love you
Knowing you are the one want to be with
Hating knowing your in pain and wishing it was me, wanting you to get better
Wanting to hold you through the night
Wishing you could be in my sight
Never wanting to fight
Hoping that one day we will sit down and talk about our pasts
Acknowledging that people change
Wanting you to know that my arms are always open to you
I'll be by your side forever
Admitting when I do wrong and that I have been hurt way to many times
Knowing when you say you love me that for once someone means it
Willing to wait the rest of my life to hear you say ' i love you'

by shiny shine

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