Creativity / Being Original

What is being creative?
Nature creates, we pro create.
What is being original?
The answer is quite simple.
There is only one you.
A permutation of DNA that won't be ever again true.
Therefore only you can be you.
If you dare to be you,
Provided you find your you,
And live your true,
Speak your own,
Make love to what's grown,
Blossom into the tree in your seed,
Does not matter if its a rosé or a creepy weed,
As long as its what it is,
And you are not ashamed of its drip,
You have created a Masterpiece.

by Hardik Vaidya

Comments (3)

yes its true...I got touched by your poem...
You ar a very good poet. I love the depth of your words. Very well written Hugs Jan
Very good again, the first line of thhe last line missed a beat, but excellent still.