SG (2nd October / London)


I know he hurts inside
He misses his boys so much
But I am helpless to his pain
I tread on eggshells when we speak of them
And I see the signs he gives
That tells me not to go there
Their mother won’t permit visits anymore
Black heart and bitter soul
It’s been a year now
An eternal year

I try to make him happy but I know
There’s an emptiness I cannot fill
An emptiness that breeds guilt
And a sense of failure as a father
But he is the best father
He does his best
Keeps in touch
Keeps a brave face
And keeps his feelings
Out of arms reach
From me.

by Scarborough Gypsy

Comments (8)

How you have captured his pain at his separation from his little guys, and your pain at not being able to help him, feeling somewhat shut out of his life with them, and wanting to share. Scarlett
Said with the kindest words, he must be proud to have someone like you in his life. Love Duncan
Very well captured. avr
I agree with Sylvia, about this one.
Gypsy this poem is so touching, There should be a law made that every parent should have the right to see there children, great poem and you really got the message across cheers sylvie
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