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Keeping My Hands To Myself

A question i put to you all,
Why can i not keep my hands to myself?

A quick feel of him, a little touch of her,
Oh it won't do any harm,
My boyfriend doesn't have to know,
But of course, it will begin to show.

He'll soon find out that i ment what i said,
I can't leave people alone,
Temptation is too great,
If the offers there i'll take it.

My weak attempts are futile,
The devil plays his merry tune,
And i'll continue to dance.

by Lily Espinosa

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Eima, it helps the cause of poetry if you spell words correctly and use good punctuation. 'ment' is 'meant.' If the offers there, should be 'If the offer's there. Your last stanza is good...but do put a capital 'I'. Raynette