(()) Keeping Up With Miss Jones

Poem By Dee Wright

Everything seems
two sizes
too small for you.

That sweater (Jesus wept!)
making me perspire
never mind the guys
getting hot under the collar.

And those jeans
as if painted upon you
(are they for real?)

Unable to bend down
I have to retrieve your fallen purse
for you.

And woah...
...those stilettoes!

Like how
do you stand up
never mind walk?

Seems like you would need
a mathematical formula

to get in motion!

I say: 'Say Cheese! '
for the camera
and the camera
catches you mouthing:

'Sex! '

I ask you
what you

call this look?

And you say
'Girl...I calls it sex...on a stick! '

'I'm sex on legs....babeeee! '

I give up
trying to

... keep up with you!

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Fun poem Dee Dee! HG: -) xx

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