Depression, fear, anger and sadness;
Of the common denominator to a kin or the outsider,
And like the anointed views from your love.

Oh wandering wheels!
Credit belongs to those on this earth;
But let us learn to do the right thing always,
For i am here to love you! !

Just one night,
And of your romantic body made flat for an impression;
But, let me be the one who wants to love you.

Just one night with you on this love,
And of the lessons learnt for the data of my memory;
But crdit belongs to those who deserves it on this earth,
And i am Kelsey with the words of peace.

We don't need Herodotus with an amphora on this love,
For love is strong as death itself! !
But let us learn to do the right thing always on this earth.

by Edward Kofi Louis

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