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Kelsie Mckune
JH (10/25/1993 / )

Kelsie Mckune

Poem By jenae hernandez

It was a tragic day,
And an awful night,
She heard the news,
The news she had to fight,

Her life was high spirited,
Now going up in flames,
She just now realized,
God's ways were very strange,

She remembered now,
The ways she could die,
And she felt a lump on her neck,
She just broke down and cried,

She would never imagine,
That it was her it would meet,
But leaukemia is here,
It was time to defeat,

The doctor's didn't lie,
She was tumbleing fast,
But Kelsie's not the one,
To give up and just crash,

But if people who love her,
Are praying every night,
Will she fulfill her dreams?
With that, she just might,

WE have to admit,
We're scared out of our minds,
But Kelsie's a soldier,
She'll live past 99,

Amazing and young,
She has fought through the worst,
Her life has just begun,
And she's definatly not cursed.

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