MW (14 July 1973 / Berent)

Kendrick Spotted Itha...

If Kendrick meets Itha, every day
would you say he loves her?
Someone unknown made up that
convention which behavoir becomes
different forms of relationships

Aye he loved her someone judged
with decided certainty because as a rule
who loves visits often- no handbook needed
Humans know humans but Kendrick visited
Itha for courtesy and sense of belonging -

Itha was someone to watch and nurse and
worry about -At least through her he found
his sense and use - changing her for the better
he imagined her beauty frees from dust of wear
and illness- after months of his toil to save her

She was a girl who waited for him - who stood up
for him even it took patient persuasion like with
a stubborn child in a petulant phase but he
invisioned her tall, aged body not seasoned

by age nor wrinkled by decades glisten with joy
as it did in brief spells- last, he has wearied of his toy

by Michael Witkowski

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