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Kent Have It All
PF (July 26 / Philippines)

Kent Have It All

Poem By Peanuts Flores

As he entered the class
I couldn’t help but gaze
Who could be this attractive man?
Dressed in black shirt, tight pants
and a cool pair of sneakers
The well-gelled spiked hair
couldn’t be missed either.
He is a rock star in flesh.

Despite being in love with someone then.
I was very much attracted to this mysterious man
The attraction lingered
It was intensified the moment he opened his mouth.
Who would’ve thought that the hooligan-like persona
is in fact, a very intelligent being.

He is the spice that excites the
pressure-stricken graduate studies
and he doesn’t know it.

His nonchalance makes him even more fascinating.
The challenge of not being noticed
The risk of starting a conversation
which may or may not elicit a response
was downright thought-provoking

Days, weeks, terms slipped by
He remained a man of mystery.
A man of very few words.

Like any other drama,
I got tired of always having to start a conversation
I gave up.
I have my pride to shield.

But opportunity showed its face again
Unfortunately, this may be the last chance
A chance to peak inside the man of mystery
through some tête-à-tête
After all, “In vino veritas”

Gradually…He opened up
The side of him I have never seen before finally surfaced
A man of no pretensions
A man of pride
A man whom I think has never experienced true love
(though he doesn’t admit it)
True to the core indeed.

I was successful.
Successful at making him speak to me with faith,
But behind my triumphant smile
hides a twinge of pain.

…He shared his innermost feelings
… about a very lucky girl.

* Created in Feb 2006, Inspired by a guy named Kent

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