Kentikian 2

Kentikian, Kent, Ken, in, Inn, Kate, tie, tan, ant, net, eat, ate, tin, kit, kite!
The sounds of love and the romance of life,
Playing like this will never get you the World Cup;
So, keep up with the works of the truth and be straight always in life.

Rate, infiltrate!
Abuse of power,
Out of control,
But, try to shape your life with the works of the truth and, live in peace;
Helping the people around you with positive moral characters.

Word, work, world!
To be born and to grow up;
Ears, hears, bears, tears, nears, shears, pears, appears, fears!
But, the children of the light are with the works of the truth;
Able to lead them on to grow up to be better people on this earth.

by Edward Kofi Louis

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