The rain of peace and the lamp-stand of gold,
To build up Rome and to polish her face;
For you are the rain of my hope and joy.

Swing up like a fish and catch up to my muse!
For love has its own symptoms and,
I will find a way to touch your heart with my love.

My sweet one,
Be perfect and be acceptable;
Because, i want to touch what is untouchable.

You are Kentikian and,
You are my sweet one;
For your fantasies do light up the skies!
And your meal of love is so delicious to taste,
But do think of the first day that we met.

To use what was once unusable and,
To eat what was once uneatable;
For the rain is all that gives me hope,
And i will be there for you always on this love.

by Edward Kofi Louis

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