Kentucky Derby

(for Smarty Jones)


a barn sleeper
he can swim in the sun, in a barn

he loafs in an apple yard,
snapping the pea grass
as blossoms inhale and exhale kentucky spring

his friend the goat is
trimming the grass beneath

today is saturday

steel strips are winged to his toes
tiny shields

he can carry a man running
his tail is a whisper trail

in sharp silk clothing
a fearless man holds on
still cropping the slender useless whip
a man and a race-horse in a jagged steady burst
pushing through the vortex

is this the vortex of horse speed?
a horse in a puff
in a dreamscape a puff

can he see the dawn coming?

he's fast!
on his toes and
he's passed us!

by Jimi Doyle

Comments (2)

Somehow I missed this poem when I first read your work. This time it ends up in the winner's circle.
THis poem just gallops along at a good clip