Kerosene Kisses

Lets wash down
This aching pain
With kerosene
And cheap champagne
Lets drink to us
And all we are
Before we kiss the sky
And join the stars
We let down our defense
We tore down every wall
We were sure we'd make it through
We thought love could cure it all
All the poison
The vicious hate
It spreads like cancer
Now its too late
Theres no turning back
No hope for escape
No love for the lost
Just carnage and rape
So turn around
Look out the broken window
Listen to the rain outside
Watch every lurking shadow
Tell me if you dissapear
Tell me if you see my face
Tell me if you still hear my voice
When we make it to our resting place

by Cassandra Hooper

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The 3rd of yours I read. This is maybe the stronger. Very good work. Seems that Florida is a good place for making good poets. I know of another two.