Kerouac's Great Escape

So shit-faced
And disgraced
In their face
He condemns

In his lone soul
Lashing out more
And so damn more
Howling for score

Emptied of booze
So little snooze
Words lost of rhyme
Sound of rhythm
So imprisoned

Morning's light shattered
Brain somewhat damaged
Houdini escape
For such great brilliance
Shot at excellence

by Richard Wlodarski

Comments (1)

Wonderful poem, Richard. And yes, both ultimately could not make that one final great escape. I am always amazed at how much Kerouac and Houdini did have in common. In both case, a remarkable career devoted to escape...literal in one sense, and metaphorical (of social constraints) in the other. And there was that fist at the end...perhaps that metaphorical punch of alcohol. Brilliant verse, Richard.