Kerry Packer

Kerry Packer was the richest man in Australia until he died the other year.....

I sometimes think of Kerry Packer
And if he’s doing well
Did he make up to heaven
Or was he sent down to hell.

A strange man, Kerry Packer
He was so rich when he was born
Yet what he loved to eat in life
Was just burgers and pop corn.

Not a nice man – I don’t think so
Nor of gentle sentiment
A man who wanted his own way
And didn’t care on whom he leant.

A bully! And a braggart!
And with money he could buy
Those who would agree with him
When he looked them in the eye.

I still think of Kerry Packer
And if he’s doing well
But I now hope that he’s in heaven
Where his soul he cannot sell.

by David Keig

Comments (2)

The interesting image … «Kerry Packer» _ not necessarily that it was 'the richest person...' sincere...
Never heard of Kerry, but an interesting poem anyway!