PU (07-01-1949 / Kutoarjo)

Ketapang Leafs

Ketapang leafs
dropp float in the air
Brought by West Winds
To pounce on the dying fish
Crushed by rolling waves of Bali Straits
While camar birds
Shivered with cold in they nest
Took shelter from the cold sea wind, dry and
Flying the dust
While fisherman
Choose living in their brittle shelter
Waiting for the wind calm down
Where roling waves not to rage

Hurricane, dying fishes
Washed ashore in the beach
Only own of carcass eaters bird

Fisherman could waiting only
Til the good season back again
While they only could do wishes
And life from kindness of usuer
Defend from the west wind
Dry, the rage of waves

When the Hurricane was subsided
fullmoon illuminates the earth and sea
the fish have a partywe should go to sea
to fish with a net
for paying our debt to usuer
but oil price flying up and much higher
we could not anything to do


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