(17/05/1947 / Vadali, Dist: - sabarkantha, Gujarat, India)

Suicide Poem

standing here looking at the floor
i think i took too much
i lift my head to look out the door
but, i can feel myself slippin from life's clutch

im wondering how long it'll be
before the reaper comes for me
feeling faint the end must be near
i feel so out of place like i shouldnt be here

holding out my arm and taking a knife
i wonder if it'd be quicker to end my life
pushing the blade on my skin
i have to watch as the blade slides in

the blood gushed out like niagra falls
i didnt think it would have hit the walls
with a crimson pool beneath my feet
i knew my job was now complete

getting dizzy i start to drop
hoping the bloodflow doesnt stop
getting weaker i draw my final breath
i'll finally meet my maker, i'll finally meet death

i ascend from the corpse that was once me
looking for death i began to see
that what i had done was not worth
all the trouble i'd gone to, to leave this earth

i should have just lived my life to the full
instead i'm stuck in limbo and it's already getting dull
im getting inpatient dont want to wait
but this is what chose, this is my fate

i watch my family upset, in despair
nothing will help them, not even a prayer
i shouldnt have dont it,
should have thought about them
but being here now, its suicide i condemn

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fabulous writing sir..i admire your writing
I looked at her appearance first She seemed to be perfect soul as best