KL (unknown / the womb)

Kick A'ss

kick A’ss

Today this world like the world of old...
Is no joke.

This world it's women …it provoke
In this world the women choke
Because they are only allowed short stokes

How can a swimmer win a race
With every hand in her face.

To give a woman the (line)
But take away the time
Disrupts her heart, spirit, and mind.

How in one breath... the world can say
Wow! that is a pretty lady...

Go fetch her and put her up...
At Madam Sadie's.
Women are not going for that any more
They are kicking ass and keeping a score.

They realize as they have for years
That man is responsible for her fears
Now jumping unto the stage

Leading the world in this new age
kick a'ss women… are all the rage.

No more (mister nice guy) ...
For Jill...
Man is not her only thrill

She knows how to pay her own bill
But that thought the master killed
No more laying flat on her back
But, still she could do that...

What is a kick a'ss woman today?
She is a (person) refusing man's

That is the kick a'ss woman up...to date.


by kwane Lamb

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