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Kick Your Heels And Go
RMJ ( / Laoag City, Philippines)

Kick Your Heels And Go

Poem By Rose Marie Juan Austin

A friend of mine
Thought she is number one
She is living
In a beautiful house
In the middle of nowhere.

She was taken
To far away lands
To the most beautiful cities on Earth
The City of Lights and Stars
Even to the City That Never Sleeps.

She has the tightest embrace
Of an Anaconda
She knows what to say
How to say it
When to say it
To turn her man's ear.

She always brags
Her man was smitten
By her loving ways
That she is the air
That he breathes.

She complements him
In every aspect
He promised
She is the one
The only one.

Yet, on the Day of Thanksgiving
The cold breezy days of Christmas Eve
And New Year's Eve
All the grand occasions of the year
He was never with her
To share the meals
She patiently prepared.

She desperately
Longed to have him
At family affairs
Eager to introduce
To her nearest
And dearest.

He always says
There will be the proper moment
To meet everyone
But he is not yet ready
At this time.

One day
She called me
In the middle of the night
Crying at the top of her lungs
Between sobs she confessed
She is slowly being killed
By the emotional strife
In her life.

I told her
The words she hates to hear
"Kick your heels
And go."

Copyright 2017, Rose Marie Juan-Austin, All Rights Reserved

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Comments (16)

Beautiful, compelling narration. Smiting love often brings strife.10+
A beautifully written poem with strong images and ending with some meaningful upbeat good advice. Loved it! ! 10++ and added to my favourites. Thank you Rose Marie for writing and sharing such a great poem.
Kick your heels and go...........different love demystified! A great poem.....brilliantly penned!
A very nice poem on a love story that became a fabrication. Very good advice, leave when you have got to go, kick your heels when the dream becomes a lie.
It is really a beautiful poem on love having haunting expression with nice diction and it has special attraction towards readers for which I have to revisit it.
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