Kick Your Heels And Go

A friend of mine
Thought she is number one
She is living
In a beautiful house

by Rose Marie Juan Austin Click to read full poem

Comments (15)

Sound advice. The woman will, it seems, be losing nothing of value. Fascinating read, Rose!
A very nice poem on a love story that became a fabrication. Very good advice, leave when you have got to go, kick your heels when the dream becomes a lie.
It is really a beautiful poem on love having haunting expression with nice diction and it has special attraction towards readers for which I have to revisit it.
She complements him In every aspect He promised She is the one The only touching with a nice theme regarding love. A beautiful poem nicely executed.10
I told her The words she hates to hear Kick your heels And go. She deserved these words, enjoyed the poem.
Go where you are wanted and loved. Nice writing.
Very nice poem. This is the most worthwhile advice to anyone, who refuses to understand that he/she is being taken for a ride. The last stanza is most well-phrased. Great.
Hahaha ., i told her The words she hates to hear.,, Loveeeely manang ko Rose..
She is slowly being killed By the emotional strife In her life. - - Marriage can be a prison at its worst..Vivid depiction and very realistic.Thanks for sharing with us.
I told her The words she hates to hear Kick your heels And go. This is what I will advice to my friend(same situation) haha... :) Two thumbs up for this brilliant write..a shimmering 10ssssssss
Good poem, thank you! Hahaha kick heels and go, sounds so simple yet such a complicated thing, so many millions of people should go, but in unloving relatioship keep. You are a good friend, keep helping her.
She always brags/her man was smitten/by her loving ways/that she is the air/that he breathes. Lovely expression, a poem well dressed!
Love shows emotional views in heart and chases us, , you have wonderfully penned, thanks for sharing the poem with us
Devotion to others can often keep you from fulfilling the desires of life. Always better to let a fox go than to try and tame him. You're the only one who can find your true happiness. Your friend has a very wise friend. Thank you Rose.
Some are blinded by love. Even though they know the truth they still deny it and live in self denial. Only a friend can tell them the words they dreaded to hear which is the truth. A well executed write Rose. Happy New Year! Nudershada