Kids I Once Knew Had Specific Chores

We knew fear but not excuses...
Where I grew up and lived as a kid.
Plus we were too competitive...
With a daring done to prove we weren't afraid.

And much too inquisitive about life,
Back in those days...
When we were taught to be respectful.
And all of the kids I once knew had specific chores,
Assigned to do to get done.
With a doing of them first or face the consequences.
To 'then' be followed by the doing of any school homework.

I am not one to say the children today are lazy.
Nor am I one to pass judgement on the obvious,
To argue in debate or heated discussion with those offended.
Since today there is a difference between being 'smart',
And having common sense.
Intellectualizing what is obviously a detriment,
I leave to those still trying to impress...
There elementary school teachers.

There is a technology involved a lot of children use,
Without using their heads like we once had to do.
And not being able to read 'and' write?
To then brag about graduating from high school?
Whether or not they attended day or night...
With an acceptance given to go to a college too?
I will not say is ridiculous...
Since to me that's my observation.

And I have had it being the one considered to be a fool.
No wonder they have no discipline.
Folks refuse to acknowledge the truth.
Or instill this asset within the minds of their children.
They've been given the right to do as they choose.
And refusing to listen...
So many have chosen 'that' to do!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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