Kids Playing In The Box

It's okay, honey.
It's just a small bruise.
I'll kiss it to make the pain go away.
Feel better?
Why don't you get back onto the swing.
Be careful this time.
And don't try to out shine the other kids.
You wanted me to come witness...
You in the playground on my days off.
I'm here for you.

That was inspiring.
Amazing! '

That's the only way we can get along these days.

'I might try that on my husband,
To see if it works.'

At first...
When he held my hand,
And wanted to go to the playground...
I thought it was ridiculous.
I thought he was joking around.

'How long have you two been doing this? '

Too long but I have gotten use to it.
What has happened to all of the good men?

'Or the women? '

Everyone seems to be looking,
For a Caitlyn Jenner.
To satisfy those needs,
Yesterday no one would admit they wished.
What a man he 'use' to be.

And what a woman, too!
To have it both ways and stay successful at it.
What message is that to us being sent? '

Who today can pass judgement!
Only God knows,
How to satisfy our wishes.
And I've got so many...
I hope to see one day come true.
Excuse me.
It's okay, honey.
The sand is there to share,
With all the other kids playing in the box.
How many times have I told you,
It's not nice to be selfish.
Or take for granted Mother Nature.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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An out of the box conundrum well presented. Thank you for sharing