I'm not Polish.
Do I have to be?
To love kielbasa...
With scrambled eggs, hashbrowns
And hot tea.
That's my favorite,
Although I do enjoy it with beans.
Leafy vegetables like cabbage also will do.

I tried to make it once.
1 -1/2 lbs of lean boneless pork
1/2 boneless veal
1 tsp.salt to add zest and zeal.
I used 1 tsp. of black crushed pepper,
With three cloves of crushed fresh garlic.
A tablespoon of mustard seed...
And a 1/4 cup of ice also crushed.
Make sure you get the casing.

Cut the meat into small chunks.
Then grind the meat with the seasonings and ice.
Mix this well...
Stuff the mixed meat into the casing.
Either smoke this stuff in an outside smoker.
Or grill.
Oh yes...
Don't forget to tie a knot into the casing!
And close each end.
If you don't you'll have sausage all over the place.

Just a Spring recipe to enjoy for Easter AND...
St. Patrick's Day.
But the Irish have their own separate deliciousness!

Courtesy of Global Gourmet...Global Destinations

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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