Kill Me And Be Happy

I want you to be happy.
I want you to always smile,
If not for me then maby for the other guy.
Because all i want is for you to be happy.

I want you to never ever cry.
Never ever say goodbye to life.
I want you to be who you are,
The one who i can never be.
Who i am is me.
The one inside me is the one never to be good enough for you.
But i will try hard to live up to you,
Cause all i want is for you to be happy
And not unhappy,
Cause if you’re unhappy,
Then my life wouldn’t be as it should be.
I’m an expressionist.
I live up to my expectations
And not try to blame myself for the pain that i feel inside.
The pain, the pain in heart.
I love pain, but not this pain.
This pain tells me that you’re unhappy
And unhappy i can’t live with.
Please kill me if im not making you happy.
Please put a bullet in my head
And just kill me.
So that i can be dead.
Dead as my dad
He once made a woman sad.
I didn’t like my dad for what he was and what he did.
Cause he’s the course for me being who i am, making you unhappy.
Please kill me so i can be dead
And go to hell to kill my dad.
Please shoot me down
When i’m flying high
Up in the sky,
Cause i don’t like
Who me are.

Be happy.
Always smile.
Never ever cry or say goodbye
To the one you like.......just be happy, cause you’re the one to kill me.

by Ricardo Phillips

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