Kill Me In The End

hit me
hurt me
abuse me
kill me
put me down
tell me who to talk to
tell me who to see
tell me who I can stay by
live my life for me
no no more
no more will u tell me
no more hate notes in my locker
no more putting me down
no more sadness
enough tears to drown
no no more I will no more be your doll
your play thing
no more will I listen to you
oh no now I did it
now they hate me now they believe you
you start thing to much
you start to much
don't tell me what to do
don't tell me who to like
don't tell me to stay out of your life
and then ruin mine
if I stay out of your life
if I 'stop ruining your life'
that means you can't ruin mine
that means you can't talk to me
that means you stay away from me too
but know to you that means
you can kill me in the end
so just get on with it kill me in the end
I am not scared
cause if you kill me in the end
I will finally be away from you
so kill me in the end
so I can be free of you
so I can be gone from you
so I can finally live a good life
kill me in the end

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