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Kill Me Inside
JP (10/03/92 / Hadley)

Kill Me Inside

Time has a beginning and a end
A bad and a good
A left and a right
My home is just a prisen with out the fences
My life has no end no good and I cant go left or right
And it has no hope
People don’t change things do
Or should it go the other way
My mind, heart and soul doesn’t know
What way I should go
Does anyone know
Does anyone care
Shhhh do you hear that
O never mind that’s just the sould of my killer coming
Shattered past, Broken glass
Shimmering on the floor
Memories are spilling out as they have never done befor
A scream of sorrow for the present I took for granted
But as I lie deadless on the floor
My heart stops but I will live on for more
Now he regrents the path that he took
When he looks in the mirror he remembers the live that he took
The sounds of darkness are as loud as they can get
My voice and face linger around
So when he goes to sleep at night
Remerber my sound
A lash is left on the side of his face
Another on the side of his waste
My soul o here to slumber
I search for blood is what I hunger
I walk in the night and run from they day
The ‘murthers’ soul will end this day.
So the pain that I felt lifeless and alone
Will be passed on to you and yourself alone.

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hi jennifer, nice piece you have here pal.i love your attitude.