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Kill The Messenger
(1926 / Prescott, Arizona)

Kill The Messenger

I have sent forwards to people for their review,
And their reactions make me stew,
For they cannot read and then delete,
Hell! No! They want to put you on the hot seat!

Such stupidity is typical of some so blind,
That anything that challenges isn't kind,
The withdrawal into themselves instead of thinking,
Shows a closed mind, putrid and stinking!

This attitude is prevalent throughout this race,
Mostly from those that cannot keep pace,
With technology or enlightened mind,
They much prefer dogma and be blind!

The ignorant and less erudite do not see,
Just how stupid they can be,
They are incapable of any real intellect,
Brain wired wrong and circumspect!

Even the schools to educate all,
Find that most simply appall,
And make the job an impossible task,
Mediocrity is about all one can ask!

And so it goes to those that are bright,
To guide those with less insight,
But they lose so much this way,
Trying to teach those that only want to play!

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