Killed Them All

Killed them all

I gathered water and
-filled the pond to the rim
-then brought glass-jar

Had no doubt
-my victims were alive
-knew it for sure they
-love to live
-same as us,

I soaked them in water
-must have choked soon after
-as we do if forced to have no air

Brutal I was and went further
-turned fire with flames
-boiled the mass of water

Stood there watched bubbles
-no heart but and iron in my chest
-stood there compared me
-felt Yankee inside the Abu-Ghraib
-had power of devil
-as did those torturers

My victims
-some of them
-were immersed
-in hiding and unseen
-some were caught
-entangled in bubbles

Saw them boiled
-watched them cooked
-while still half-alive

What a shameful person
-I boiled, killed my victims
-those many poor lentils

by Nassy Fesharaki

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