QG (16th august,1987 / KANIGIRI)

“killer Ego’s”

A medicine-less disease
More hazardous and harmful in nature
Ruling all over the earth
From age old times is cruel than death!

Neither does it kill you at hand
Nor does it leave you in peace!
Harmony is far away for the victims of “Ego”
A slow poison that kills you each day very pathetically!

Only solution to subdue this vindictive ailment
Is just to shut down your egos
And meditate on love
That forbids the mistakes and upholds togetherness!

Live and let live
By being happy
In doing good and being good.
Hope you all like my thought!

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Comments (4)

Beautiful thought, Queeny..... I can deal with hard core villains, but to handle those with puffed up ego is so difficult! As you say, it is a slow poison that eventually does so much harm to oneself and others.... The antidote to ego is humility and love. Great write! (10)
A slow poison that kills you each day! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Ego is part of the human condition but it can be controlled with thought. I hope the world heeds your advice
Excellent thought dear Queeny. Ego in individuals is really very harmful for body and mind.When our behavior becomes egocentric we are not liked by people.Ego conflicts are responsible for many family disturbances.By shutting ego and concentrating on love, life will be more harmonious.Thanks for sharing the poem.