Killer Memories

Poem By Eliseo Rivera

Memories are just a way to relive your failure
Its a torture
It's a haunting
That keeps taunting
And it will never be relieved
Until you begin to believe
That your memories
Are your worst enemies
Dat keeps reminding you your greatest regrets
Not being able to forget
Its a silent murder that kills within
And won't let happiness in
Its like a prison that you created
And now you can't destroy it
The thoughts that brought you happiness
Over time, slowly and gradually transforms into darkness
A disease with no cure
Destroying a heart that was once pure
An infection without a treatment
The effect is permanent
Memories are a link to the past
Which condems you to live in them
The begining to your end
Your Apacolypse
Your life is much like an eclipse
The darkness covers your light
The only difference, it's not temporary
Now you're outta time
And you're next in death's line
Let me explain
Why this story ends with pain
It starts
With a broken heart
Remembering good times
When you wrote her love rhymes
You still can't believe
That after all the love you gave her
''Its over'' is what you recieve
At that moment your heart stop beating
Not believing the words you're recieving
Thoughts of suicide roam freely in your mind
Putting your life on the line
Your memories rush before your eyes
And suddenly you realize
The lies you've been told
As the whole truth unfolds
Love + Memories = Death
It's a trap set to torture you forever
Love is an empty promise which lures you in
Memories are what kills you within
It's a simple equation
But here's the question
How do you begin to solve
A problem in which you're involved?
Death is the only solution
A life-less body - The conclusion
There's no victory nor glory
In this story
All this devestation was caused by a simple thought
And death is what it brought
But there's a way to prevent this curse
Aviod intamacy
Or you'll live in the shadow of a fantasy
A made-up reality
I've made an important discovery
People are trying to keep a balance that doesn't exist
And no matter how hard you resist
Eventually you'll become part of the system
A system in which the truth is concealed
Blinding you from what is real
But I'll reveal
What's real and what isn't
So pay close attention and listen
Love is just a pretty cover to the horrifying truth
We live
To die
The emotions you think you feel
Are fake, not real
So aviod torture
And prepare for departure
Say goodbye to your fantasy
And welcome to reality

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