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Killin' Time
MA ( / Memphis)

Killin' Time

Poem By Michael Alfonso

People round here they don't talk alot
They ain't seen much but they say it's enough
People round here amoke alot of pot
They just sit around but they say it's rough
Cause nothin really happens in a town like this
It's just so small the world kinda forgets
And the people who leave they are very few
And the kids growin up haven't got a clue
got a clue
got a clue
get a clue

We got a wake up cause this world is ours
We got a realize we can't all be stars
But if we really try then we can do our part
Cause ya know it only takes one person to start
And when they ask you why quit sayin because
And quit killin time cause time is killin us

Everywhere you go it's basically the same
People on time people bein late
Either way it goes they need somebody to blame
And if they can't find that they'll find somebody to hate
Cause we've all heard that this life ain't fair
But some don't believe it's like this everywhere
But you'll never know cause you'll never move
you just sit around cryin there's nothin to do
Nothin to do
Nothin to do
(find) Somethin to do


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