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Killing Dogs
JV Joh Verano ( / Lima)

Killing Dogs

Malevoleous ways..
all i hear is wasting all souls
Miserable ways..
all i see is going down.
Merciless ways..
all i do is killing my time
Misterious ways..
all i know is God´s love working for us

i cannot feel myself right,
i cannot see straight..
i am living in a total dismay
i know is turning gray.

know ones are faceless
friends are dying
women lying
brothers fading
things can´t go clearly

my image is broken into jagged pieces
for me impossible to keep it together,
they make me bleed life when i try.

please, brake brake break
the thoughts are arise in me
please, don´t deny the light of the day
cos i am living in the shadows.

there is no fun anymore
there is nothing but isolation feeling
it´s a fucked up thing to feel like this
but i know it won´t last for more.

i know i am dying..
I ain´t feel sad or happy..
I just don´t feel..
no pleasures
no reasons
no sunshines
just The heaving

The sound of this life is tunning out.

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