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Killing Hell
(August 8,1951 / Hillsboro, Oregon USA)

Killing Hell

Poem By Harlan Simantel

thru successive centuries
technology improves
while war and crime
depressingly continues

warfare and death have now 'advanced'
bombs and bullets, no more spear and lance
we kill so much better, aren't we great?
efficiently destroying those we hate

peace within self is often elusive
but peace between enemies
national big and individual small
is rare to find - if ever at all

it's the human condition
ingenious and skilled
applying our technology
so millions are killed

we humans solve
almost any practical problem
but when it comes to getting along
don't talk - just shoot 'em!

war and crime 'sophistication'
efficient, brutal annihilation
in the dark passage of time
is there a solution - and who's to blame?

religion is called to quiet the storm
but strident religions often start the harm
only when peace rules inside most if not all
will this world escape from the killing hell

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And, yet, the beginning of the Universe started with an aggressive, outward explosion...does that mean that 'aggression' is the order of the universe? xxElysabeth