The Perfume Of Her Sweater

I’ll meet her in the light rain
Beneath the streetlights of the sleepy city,
Spellbound to kiss her cheek
And to imbibe the perfume
Of her sweater.

The days have been long
Desiring to find her eyes
Down the far away distance
Of our excruciating separation.

I cast myself
Into an impossible dream
Where we dance upon a balcony
With glasses of wine.

Life and happiness are brief,
I need to bring her flowers
And the poetry of adoration.

by Uriah Hamilton

Comments (3)

Wonderfully crafted to maintain the suspense ill the end. Like it very much.
Wow.. You maintained suspense till the last line... marvelous.. The title and the remaining verses prepared me to expect a lethal weapon used in conventional warfare. In the end its just a lawn mover! Beautiful. Makes me remember O. Henry! A sweet 10.
Wonderfully written, and what a great finish. Awesome poem.