NN (5/20/000000 / England)

Killing My Dreams

Thinking about killing my dreams
There’s no way they will come true
I would have to waste my time going to a academe
Bills are due

That would take time
And money too
It would probably take a lifetime
Don’t you think its hard to view?

So I’m going to stop trying
What’s the point in doing it?
But the dreams are undying
The dreams should leave

But their not
Their staying put
Maybe I do have a shot
I have to think of the output

The station would get another cop
I could help protect my state
The violence could stop
Maybe that is my fate

I have come up with a answer
I don’t have to stop
Its not like I have cancer
I can still be a cop

Dreams come on in
I’ll make room
I’m going to finish you.


by N'a N'a

Comments (2)

gr8 poem! ! I liked it very much.thank you.
Remember Kipling - 'If you can dream and not make dreams your master'. You reminded me of one of my favourite poems. I like your style. Esra Sloblock