(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Killing With Kindness

And on that day before Easter,
the angel came down from Heaven,
looked at the people of the small town
and decided that only one strategy
could possibly be successful.

The angel was a she-angel, of course,
she was more familiar with in-fighting
and the various game of intrigue, played
not only on earth but also up above,
which means where the rain don't fall...

After a brief but mandatory check with
God himself, it was decided that,
'killing with kindness' would be employed.
And, lo and behold, in the name of the father,
it worked as predicted and hoped for.

In the end, there was one dead angel,
a crowd of recently deceased citizens,
and the gigantic mess left by an early demise
of The Dead Poets' Society. Struth.

And God, in his infinite wisdom,
decided to strike the word 'kindness',
as he had done once before, in the war
of thirty years, which had seen the end
of said war, and he told all the angels
that kindness was an impractical tool,
not to be used again, ever and ever.

After all, God had made man after
his own image and, presumably,
after his own heart.

by Herbert Nehrlich

Comments (1)

I really loved this poem. Very nice, almost sounded like a passage from the bible. Although I don't agree with the ending... that God would view 'kindness' as an impractical tool. I've seen some very angry adversaries show real compassion and warmth when treated with a little kindness...................think about it. Sincerely, Mary