(1987- / Groton, Connecticutt)

Kind Of Abstract, Same Kind Of Heartbreak

Those sorrowful words that left an everlasting impression.
An hello to the reality made without her.
He took for granted all the times spent in her company.
This goodbye meant something.
He had fallen deeper than perhaps he could have imagined.
An terminal illness that went without cure.
The call of her voice no longer present.
The haunting memory of the last breath took in front of her.
This hurt more than anything he could have imagined.
The non-surgical removal of his rib.
Without anistigic to take his mind from the pain that festered like a bad sore.
Now infected, plagued by her everlasting memory.
The non-existent hello that welcomed the sun against the clouds.
Her touch no longer present. The nectar presented by lips no longer had reason to kiss.
There were no small gatherings, no interventions to soothe the pain that lingered.
Soft but loud in expression. He heard a crackling sound echo from the center of his chest.
A constipation of the cluttered pieces of his heart, dismissed by the flush of the toilet of her goodbye.
Never to be seen again

by Kewayne Wadley

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