KSL (July 18,1991 / Clarksdale, Mississippi)

Kind Stranger

Walking on my own two feet,
To the store just down the street.
Little girl just passed me by.
Said, 'Oh mister, please don't cry.'

Ignored her and kept walking on.
Getting late and almost dawn.
Sun will brighten up my face.
Away the beauty it won't chase.

Never housed between my ears.
I'm number six of all their fears.
Did that girl just speak to me?
And without fear go hurriedly?

Guess not all are quite so shallow,
Just the dolls with glue for marrow.
Sad, sad story...oh where are we?
Who's this staring...here...at me?

Little girl with eyes toward home.
I won't let you go alone.
Why do you lay there so still?
Looks as though you might be ill.

Hand to head...cold as stone.
Away her little life has flown.
Lucky you. Gone on to better.
Wish that I had never met her.

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