SC (14th September,1971 / Dhaka, Bangladesh)

The Immortality Of The Great!

Living life long does not make one great in the world;
Living with a great purpose and achieving it are best;
That too living long achieving a lot makes one great;
By that way one's identity is well known everywhere..!

Not only that but also, the mark one makes by achievements
Stand as beacon light serving better in the guidance of all;
Identity and also, immortality are achieved so as a record of
Great ideas incorporated permanently as in the life of legends!

Many talented ones who are unknown, become known by new
Social media, though unrecognized or honoured in the world
Making them immortal exposing their best works to everyone
Not only now but also forever as long as the world is there!

All best matters that did not see light of the day, due to
Computer internet service, get an immortal life living in
The hearts, minds and souls of all people as permanent feature
No one miss to quote wherever possible exposing true greatness!

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I agree with you here, Seema..thanks for sharing hugs, meggie
Ala, that was wonderful. I really love this poem. It's so different from the rest of your poems! <3 Sarah!
well finially a happy poem, to much grief here Seema, THX dave