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Kindergedicht - Child Poem
JH (January 4,1931 / a citizen of the world)

Kindergedicht - Child Poem

When I was little everything was so big
I thought I lived in a world of giants.
Even the cat looked like a lion.

The sky seemed endless and scared me.
Lound noises too like thunder, a rain strom
or the wind. I'd drown them out by crying.

With my first steps I began to understand
the world I was born into, a place of mystery
and exploration.

As I grew bigger my mother playing the piano,
music on the radio or gramaphone, made me
sing and dance. A musical child they called me.

When I was seven I went to school, but what's
learning for? A B C? I knew that already and
2 + 2 makes 4. May be my older brother can
explain this to me?

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Comments (2)

this was a wonderful piece. the memories of your childhood so very well expressed. Excellent job
I sweet poem about wonder and a child's view of the world. You pen your remembered innocence with great charm, my love. Always, Allie xxxx