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Kindle Dark Hours

Burning crushes from inside
I yearn to destroy
But these rageful actions
I cannot employ.
You are like a demon;
a brand of heroin
Dreading you and needing you;
I can't let you in

Someone tell me why you're silent
What do you think of me?
Beneath your thoughtful eyes,
is it the monster you can see?
When black eyes look upon you
will you run?
One that doesn't deserve you,
will you shun?

When will the voices in my head
cease to be?
When will the visions,
show something else to see?
Because even love sprung from hate
Does not make you deserve this fate

But you are like a frail lamb
that I feel entitled to protect.
You should fear this,
but I want you to trust and let.

Your touch, so warm
will kindle these dark hours.
My dead heart,
wants to beat
to your face full of heat.

You are the day,
and I am the night.
You're everything,
so for you I fight.
Because you are my life now.
Let the fauna draw me in.
I will never hurt you, love
I will never hurt you...

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