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LR (09/13/1943 / new york city)


Poem By louis rams

GOD helped me, so i'll help you
now you know what you've got to do.
spread a little kindness and you will see.
your life turns around rapidly.

the LORD gave us a heart that we should use
it's not something that should be abused.
bringing happiness to your fellow man
and always giving a helping hand.

it does not matter, if you're a husband or wife
if you're rich, or poor, or if you're sick or well
we all must go through some kind of hell.

the world has gotten to a point
of fear to say hello
because we think that weakness will show.
strength lies in the tender heart
JESUS proved that from the start.

HE brought LAZARUS back from the dead
because in him he saw that his heart bled.

he walked with crutches most of his life
for he was born with a crippling disease
and cuts and bruises, he had many
but food he did'nt have any.

yet the little he had, he shared with the dogs in the streets
they licked his wounds
and kept him warm at night.
till he woke at morning light.

this is the kindness that the LORD sees
which is inside you and me.
kindness creates a domino effect
as it touches one another
making us sister and brother.

so spread the kindness, spread the word
let the LORDS' voice be heard.'

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Comments (6)

Once I read 'Have a heart that never hardens, and a temper that never tries, and a touch that never hurts.' and also read ' Honey in mouth, knives in heart...thats kindness.'... nice one.
God has got you by your heart strings. Beautiful penned piece of praise! God Be With all you write for Him! Love, Linda
kindness glows in the heart and shows in the eye...lovely piece
Kindness is a gift that keeps on giving. Lovely write. Warm regards, Sandra
bro i loved iot.. i wish i woudl stop going through hell though...hehe
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